Comadre Luna is a feminist collective based in Philadelphia and New York.  We are immigrants, workers, mothers, fighters, and organizers for women’s liberation. Our collective was born from gatherings that responded to our need to share our rage against the bold right-wing patriarchal government that tries one more time to make us a target, to attack us, to suppress us, to scare us, to tell us that we don’t belong and that our bodies are usable and disposable.

Autordeterminación collage para artículo sobre Comadre
“Autodetermination” collage.

Comadre Luna is the result of many conversations where we shared our common stories, where we found our strength, where we felt safe, found joy and, most importantly,  were able to hold each other.

We are committed to organizing and building a network of support for women through education, leadership, community healing spaces, and trainings. We believe that issues of reproductive justice, gender, and racial equity are central to our self-determination. We are convinced that every woman regardless of their immigration status, class, language, or religion deserves to live without fear of any kind of violence and to have control over their bodies.

Imagen de mariposa para el artículo sobre Comadre Luna