Comadre Luna was created to cultivate safe spaces of collective care among immigrant latinx women of mixed-status to awake our inner strengths and challenge the systematic oppression that generates trauma in our bodies.

We are committed to organizing and building a network of support for women through education, leadership, community healing spaces and trainings. We believe that issues of reproductive justice, gender and racial equity are central to our self-determination. We are convinced that  every women regardless of their immigration status, class, language or religion deserves to live without fear of any kind of violence and to have control over their bodies.

Each contribution you make will go towards  the printing of publications, facilitation of trainings, and will help us to gather the necessary resources to create our network of support.  It will  enable us to offer childcare and food. Also, it will helps us to provide women with transportation and a small stipend to attend the workshops.

We ask you to support us in our efforts to create sustainable spaces of collective care and self-determination for our liberation as immigrant women.

In solidarity,

Comadre Luna