In 2018 a group of comadres began to meet, sharing our stories as immigrants in this country, from the accompaniment we decided to organize our anger by writing our thoughts and feelings, thus the Comadre Luna Collective was born. 

In 2019 we published our first printed magazine Comadre Luna, seeking to begin to weave a network of empathy and complicity. We began to facilitate Collective Care spaces, using herbal medicine, art through collages, circles to share our stories. Knowing that we were tired, we decided to prioritize our needs in these spaces, we provided food and care for upbringing so that each participant could enjoy themselves and feel cared for. Little by little in the spaces we converge on stories of violence and struggle. In our stories of resilience and through collective care we embrace. 

2020 we received it with a meeting to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, without knowing that this meeting would be our opportunity to embrace, share, celebrate. A pause before the storm. This year we did not put a brake on our work, on the contrary, we redoubled efforts to weave networks of support and containment in the face of anxiety and uncertainty. 

We dedicated ourselves to writing, recording, counting, drawing, connecting, sweating, strengthening ourselves, crying and taking care of ourselves. From the podcast La Canasta that provides resources in Spanish for the immigrant community, to La Cacerola that tells the stories of institutional racism that affect us every day in our communities. Slowly but moving forward we have built with great care and effort the virtual house of Comadre Luna http://comadreluna.org 

We have formed a team of comadres to weave these networks, immersed in the exercise of feminist economies, and with collective care for sustainability. We are committed to continue expanding the spaces for collective healing, sharing strategies for sustainable parenting, and dignity for our bodies. We share our story with you today in our fundraising campaign to support the sustainability of this collective. Your help contributes as part of the collective crops. Each contribution means a seed that will germinate and flourish to provide strength to this space of collective creation. You can also support us by sharing this message with your community. 

The members of Comadre Luna thank you for your support! You can contribute to the collective by going to our website at the link below.